Colourful madness


Of course I’m telling you all about this, however late to the party I am. In these leaked CoroCoro scans, you see all this crazy new Pokemon Black 2/White 2 stuff! 

If you’ll notice, we have new trainers and a new rival to boot. The game is still set in Unova, though being set 2 years later it’s a more frozen Unova. Some of the areas have been updated, as well as the Unova Pokedex (It goes up to 300, including those of Psyduck, Riolu, and Metagross). In addition to the updated areas, there are new areas like Hiougi City, the starting city. It seems the place is equipped with shops and a Pokecenter too.

So it looks like this will be an actual sequel with a whole new story! Things like the construction in the desert will be finished and we’ll most likely get to see the effects that Hilbert/Hilda had on the world (the original Black/White Trainers).

I got these images and information from, which is keeping up with all of the information that comes along as soon as they can. I am just relaying the news here. Hopefully soon we’ll know more as the game gets close to its Japan release date (June).